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S01 / E06 - 22 May 2024

Citizen councils are often used throughout Europe as an additional form of democracy. Randomly drawn residents work together to find solutions to tough social problems. In Ireland there have been citizen consultations on abortion legislation and climate policy. In some cities, permanent citizens'...

S01 / E05 - 28 August 2023

To ensure ecological sustainability, it is necessary to fundamentally change current production processes and consumption patterns. This can be done by imposing new restrictions on producers and consumers, or by increasing the price gap between sustainable and unsustainable alternatives through t...

S01 / E04 - 05 July 2023

Large-scale changes, like the Covid pandemic, make it clear that inequality exists, and is being reinforced as a result. We tend to look at governments to counter inequalities due to these changes, but what role do communities...

S01 / E03 - 01 June 2023

Climate change is a global problem that affects both current and future generations. Companies, governments, NGO’s and civilians have to play their role in preventing the impact of climate change. What role does the law play?

S01 / E02 - 08 May 2023

Although investors tend to look at the short term, they are forced to contribute to global problems that require a long-term view. Crises such as climate change, biodiversity loss and growing inequality lead to new risks, regulations and pressure from the public opinion.However,...

S01 / E01 - 06 February 2023

In the podcast series Focused on the Future, individuals, stakeholders, and scientists come together to talk about new views on big issues based on longtermism. First up — Climate change: how do we deal with sea level rise and the future of land development in the Netherlands? 

About Focused on the Future

Organizations and institutions often focus on the short term. People are tempted to get quick results. The long-term results are much less likely to be considered. Not considering the long-term results, can cause big problems when it comes to global issues like: climate change, poverty, deforestation, religious conflicts and migration. For these major issues we must develop long-term strategies.  In Focused on the Future, scientists and stakeholders talk about new views on big issues based on Longtermism.
This podcast is an initiative of Utrecht University

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