Focused on the Future - S01 / E05


How do we balance the long term effects with the short term actions?

To ensure ecological sustainability, it is necessary to fundamentally change current production processes and consumption patterns. This can be done by imposing new restrictions on producers and consumers, or by increasing the price gap between sustainable and unsustainable alternatives through taxes and levies. However, the question stands: How do we balance the long term effects with the short term actions?

Our guests this episode are:

  • Tom Bouwman, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Private Law at Leiden University
  • Martijn Snoep, Chair of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM)
  • Ana Poças Ribeiro, Postdoctoral Researcher on Circular Economy at Utrecht University
  • Michèlle Bal, Assistant Professor in Interdisciplinary Social Science at Utrecht University
  • Joel Anderson, Professor of Moral Psychology & Social Philosophy at Universiteit Utrecht

About Focused on the Future

Organizations and institutions often focus on the short term. People are tempted to get quick results. The long-term results are much less likely to be considered. Not considering the long-term results, can cause big problems when it comes to global issues like: climate change, poverty, deforestation, religious conflicts and migration. For these major issues we must develop long-term strategies.  In Focused on the Future, scientists and stakeholders talk about new views on big issues based on Longtermism.
This podcast is an initiative of Utrecht University

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