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S01 / A14 - 02 mei 2022

Second part of the interview with Nik de Boer on the secondary mandate of the European Central Bank (ECB).

S01 / A13 - 21 februari 2022

Nik de Boer talks about his report The ECB's neglected secondary mandate: an inter-institutional solution (co-authored with Jens van't Klooster).In the first 1...

S01 / A12 - 07 februari 2022

Quick recap of the financial news of January 2022.Euro area inflation was 5.1% in January.The ECB says that this inflation is beyond its control, because it's driven by international energy markets and bottlenecks in supply chains.In this episode, I do three proposals for the...

S01 / A11 - 17 januari 2022

In March 2021, the ECB projected that inflation would be 2% at the end of the year. In reality, inflation was 5%.I'm stunned that there isn...

S01 / A10 - 03 januari 2022

Our New Year's letter to ECB President Lagarde. Now that inflation is out of control, we wish her a career change or a firm hand.Plus a quick recap of the financial news of December 2021.Plus Finrestra's plans for 2022.This is the video with our two courses:

S01 / A09 - 21 december 2021

BNP Paribas sells its US subsidiary Bank of the West to Canadian BMO.This fits into the 'Go big or go home' pattern (listen to episode 3 of the Finrestra podcast): banks leave non-core markets if they cannot reach a critical scale.BNP Paribas gets about 14 billion euro from the sale...

S01 / A08 - 06 december 2021

A quick recap of the financial news of November 2021.+European bankers (CEOs) should be ashamed! Banks have been horrible investments. Large European banks are stitched together like Frankenstein's monsters. Their divisions have no synergies. They are active in way too...

S01 / A07 - 22 november 2021

Greenwashing is a way of presenting your business so that it looks greener than it really is.Based on bank's own publications and NGO reports, I identified nine ways in which banks are greenwashing their climate efforts.Do you know about other greenwashing tricks of banks?Ple...

S01 / A06 - 08 november 2021

Quick recap of the European financial news of October 2021.Deep dive into the Net-Zero Banking Alliance and the actions of banks against climate change.

S01 / A05 - 24 oktober 2021

Rik Coeckelbergs is the founder of The Banking Scene. In this wide-ranging interview, Rik talks about the art of banking, banking for good, and why banks are still attractive for young people who want a meaningful career.Follow Rik...

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