Kingdom Keys for Business, Life & Work

A Business as Mission Podcast produced by BAM Moves

A bi-weekly podcast with candid talks how to partner with God in our daily lives at work and in business. Hosted by Gea Gort and co-host Bill Job, an experienced Business as Mission (BAM) practitioner. They invite others to join the search for Kingdom Keys, so we can become joy-filled, professionally excellent and spiritual fruitful. More keys are shared through an online course, as the podcast is connected to learning platform www.BAMMoves.com.


S01 / E25 - 15 May 2024

Sara Robertson runs Dirty Apron, a refined cooking school at a classy location downtown Vancouver. She candidly shares about the learning curves she and her husband went through in integrating business and mission. They had a background in mission (YWAM), but when they embarked on their entrepren...

S01 / E24 - 01 May 2024

Gea Gort questions Bill on his different view of generosity. "It's not my money, I steward it for the Owner,' shares Bill, "So I can't be generous," is Bill's opinion. An interesting conversation develops on what that view entails. 

S01 / E23 - 17 April 2024

In this podcast, we invite you to join our 8-week online program, Kingdom Mindsets for Business, starting May 14th. This includes four sessions led by both of us, and a personalized one-on-one session. Register before April 20...

S01 / E22 - 03 April 2024

In this podcast, also a Special Offer: Increase your alignment with the Lord through our online training program. Including four enriching sessions led by both of us, alongside a personalized one-on-one session. Register before April 20th to unlock the 20% discount. Explore further details on

S01 / E21 - 20 March 2024

Special Offer: Align with the Lord in your daily working life through our online training program! Engage in four enriching sessions led by both of us, alongside a personalized one-on-one session. Register before April 20th to unlock the 20% discount. Explore further details on the 

S01 / E20 - 06 March 2024

This episode marks the beginning of a series with Bill on the theme 'Thriving Amidst Adversities.' Drawing from past experiences and witnessing God coming through time and again, his faith was strengthened. However, not everyt...

S01 / E19 - 21 February 2024

In this episode, we speak with Mike Baer, who has been actively engaged in the Business as Mission (BAM) movement for over 30 years. He shares insights into his journey, recounting how he transitioned from his role as a pastor to enter the business world due to a desire to connect with non-Christ...

S01 / E18 - 07 February 2024

The Gospel is not just good; it's great," declares Colin Crawley in this engaging discussion about intentional evangelism in a business setting. Colin, owner of Bauhinia Consulting, advises business leaders on advancing the Gospel within their enterprises. When hired by a company, Colin conducts...

S01 / E17 - 24 January 2024

"Both business and mission will increase here," shares Erwin Wietses, the visionary behind a modern Urban Hostel-Monastery' (Stadsklooster): a design hostel, hotel, and restaurant, complete with a chapel. With the integration of business and ministry in mind, a beautiful historical building in do...

S01 / E16 - 10 January 2024

In this episode Gea and Bill engage in a conversation with Hans Hamoen, a businessman in his seventies, and still ‘on a mission’. He is involved in various Central Asian countries, but his journey began four decades ago as a Bible smuggler, using his trading business to transport Bibles from the...

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About Kingdom Keys for Business, Life & Work

Grow in your partnership with God in your daily life at work and in business. In this Business as Mission (BAM) podcast series you will discover keys together with Gea Gort and her co-host Bill Job. Their aim is to strengthen your partnership with God, to become professionally excellent and to be spiritual fruitful in your daily life at work. Bill speaks from 30 years experience as BAM-practitioner in China and shares how God transformed his ideas; the journey became much lighter. Gea and Bill also invite others to join the conversation. Get inspired through these candid talks about life and faith; about challenges and blessings. This bi-weekly podcast is connected to the online learning platform BAM Moves.com where you can find short and to-the-point course material rooted in real life. 

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