Kingdom Keys for Business, Life & Work - S01 / E14

Investing with Purpose: Unveiling the Joy of Kingdom-Centric Ventures

The Journey of Investor Bert

In this episode, investor Bert* shares his enthusiasm for investing in businesses with a Kingdom purpose. The spiritual bond with committed owners deepens the relationship, surpassing mere financial involvement. This connection brings both joys and challenges. The conversation unfolds as an enlightening exchange on the importance of maintaining a healthy perspective on finances—a crucial 'fuel' for any business. As Bill Job reflects on his own journey in this area, he notes, "So our businesses can transition from survival to thriving and bear much more fruit as a result."

As Bert and Gea share in this podcast, they are team members leading Business as Mission (BAM) Netherlands. For additional information on BAM Netherlands, please visit (also available in English). To learn more about the international movement, visit

* Last name is left out as Bert is also involved in the 10/40 Window countries 

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About Kingdom Keys for Business, Life & Work

Grow in your partnership with God in your daily life at work and in business. In this Business as Mission (BAM) podcast series you will discover keys together with Gea Gort and her co-host Bill Job. Their aim is to strengthen your partnership with God, to become professionally excellent and to be spiritual fruitful in your daily life at work. Bill speaks from 30 years experience as BAM-practitioner in China and shares how God transformed his ideas; the journey became much lighter. Gea and Bill also invite others to join the conversation. Get inspired through these candid talks about life and faith; about challenges and blessings. This bi-weekly podcast is connected to the online learning platform BAM where you can find short and to-the-point course material rooted in real life. 

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