Kingdom Keys for Business, Life & Work - S01 / E26

Honoring All People has Eternal Value

Developing a Culture of Honour

“I measure my decisions by the 400-year rule,” Bill Job shares in this podcast. “I imagine: how will I look back on my decision 400 years from now? This gives me an eternal perspective that stretches me out of my present life.” Bill continues: “People are eternal by nature, so how will my decision affect that person from an eternal point of view? Losing some productivity today in a work context might get another meaning.” Bill illustrates the practical implications of this decision-making approach, particularly in the context of honoring all people and the culture of honor they developed in the company.

To the question of how to guard quality at work, Bill adds, “We had easy-to-reach quality standards to assure accountability. People knew they had to reach those standards to be able to work in the company.”

Beginning September 2024, Gea and Bill will host another 8-week training 'Kingdom Mindsets for Business'. Through joy-filled, to-the-point, easy-to-follow online lessons attractively presented in video, audio, and text, you’ll gain profound insights into how to align with God in life, work, and business. Bill and Gea will host several online sessions to discuss various chapters in a small-group setting. 

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Grow in your partnership with God in your daily life at work and in business. In this Business as Mission (BAM) podcast series you will discover keys together with Gea Gort and her co-host Bill Job. Their aim is to strengthen your partnership with God, to become professionally excellent and to be spiritual fruitful in your daily life at work. Bill speaks from 30 years experience as BAM-practitioner in China and shares how God transformed his ideas; the journey became much lighter. Gea and Bill also invite others to join the conversation. Get inspired through these candid talks about life and faith; about challenges and blessings. This bi-weekly podcast is connected to the online learning platform BAM where you can find short and to-the-point course material rooted in real life. 

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