Kingdom Keys for Business, Life & Work - S01 / E16

Trailblazers of BAM: Hans Hamoen and Bill Job

A 40-Year Journey of Business, Faith and Global Impact

In this episode Gea and Bill engage in a conversation with Hans Hamoen, a businessman in his seventies, and still ‘on a mission’. He is involved in various Central Asian countries, but his journey began four decades ago as a Bible smuggler, using his trading business to transport Bibles from the Netherlands into communist countries. Witnessing incredible manifestations of God and experiencing miraculous provisions has significantly contributed to building faith and courage in his life. Even though he assures that this hasn’t been the case all the time: ““As in natural life, also in our spiritual life, we should mature from childhood where our parents take care of everything to a stage of adulthood, where we are expected to be able to make decisions ourselves. Including making mistakes, and learning from them!”

Hans and Bill share about the evolvement of the Business as Mission movement globally over the past decades, and presently also see local BAM networks emerge. Both are seasoned BAM veterans, and they, as Westerners, initiated businesses in foreign countries, as Hans states: “I am called to bring hope.” Both men though, underscore the importance of an equal playing field and honoring the local businesspeople. And to help, encourage and support them to engage with Business as Mission. They perceive this as a promising development and a pathway forward for the future.

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Grow in your partnership with God in your daily life at work and in business. In this Business as Mission (BAM) podcast series you will discover keys together with Gea Gort and her co-host Bill Job. Their aim is to strengthen your partnership with God, to become professionally excellent and to be spiritual fruitful in your daily life at work. Bill speaks from 30 years experience as BAM-practitioner in China and shares how God transformed his ideas; the journey became much lighter. Gea and Bill also invite others to join the conversation. Get inspired through these candid talks about life and faith; about challenges and blessings. This bi-weekly podcast is connected to the online learning platform BAM where you can find short and to-the-point course material rooted in real life. 

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