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S0 / E11 - 23 April 2024

As a 'non-contract worker', which means you are not an employee and therefore work as a freelancer or in the informal economy, it is difficult to calculate what you should earn per hour to make a decent and liveable living. Because you don't have an employer, you are responsible for including mat...

S0 / E10 - 22 April 2024

In Colombia, it appears that cooperation between the government and platform entrepreneurs can lead to better working conditions for vulnerable workers. CEO Juan Sebastián Cadavid of domestic cleaning platform Hogarú explains all about it in The Gig Work Podcast.

S0 / E09 - 14 February 2024

Online work via platforms offers many workers around the world access to the labour market. For workers, the world is a potential source of employment, but also a competitor. The extent to which this is an opportunity or a threat depends on the uniqueness of your skills and the skills needed for...

S0 / E08 - 19 December 2023

Albert Cañigueral Bagó is fascinated by technology, platforms and the world of work. How did the sharing and gig economy develop? And what impact does technology have on workers now and in the future? This is what Martijn Arets discusses with him in The Gig Work Podcast.

S0 / E07 - 29 November 2023

Delivery riders connected to platform Glovo do not all get employment contracts, but are covered by the 'Couriers Pledge' in 21 countries. With this, the company promises delivery workers safety, community, equality and a fair income. Why, how does it work and what does a platform worker get out...

S0 / E06 - 20 September 2023

British tech expert and Uber driver James Farrar has been championing labour rights in the platform economy for eight years. Often successfully. Platform expert Martijn Arets spoke to him on behalf of the WageIndicator Foundation in The Gig Work Podcast about justice, data and the future of platf...

S0 / E05 - 09 August 2023

Super-apps like Grab and Gojek are centralising and formalising Indonesia's informal labour market. What problems are associated with this? And what does this teach us about the gig economy worldwide? Martijn Arets explores in The Gig Work Podcast.

S0 / E04 - 12 July 2023

Do you want to know where, when and how platform workers protest? The Leeds Index of Platform Labour Protest provides answers. In The Gig Work Podcast, Martijn Arets asks the initiators of this project for their key insights for science and practice.More info on the index: https://leeds-in...

S0 / E03 - 28 May 2023

Project Fairwork investigates and assesses working conditions for platform workers in 38 countries. And that's not all: the organisation strives for real change and gets it done. How? That's what Martijn Arets talked about with project manager Funda Ustek Spilda in The Gig Work Podcast of the Wag...

S0 / E02 - 24 April 2023

With the conviction that all workers deserve a fair income under good conditions, the team behind the WageIndicator Foundation has been working for almost 25 years to bring more transparency to workers, employers and policymakers worldwide. For this episode, I headed to Bussum t...

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