COOL Conversations

Talks with leading experts about education and the ever-changing EdTech industry

Listen to COOL Conversations to keep up with evolving trends in EdTech and education. In each episode, we invite a special guest to talk about industry news, trends or challenges in the education landscape, digital tools for schools, and more.


S01 / A00 - 17 May 2022

Are you passionate about EdTech? Welcome to COOL Conversations! In each episode, your host Leon will invite an expert to talk about what's happening in educational technology right now. 

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About COOL Conversations

Hey educators and EdTech experts, did you hear?

Cloudwise COOL has launched a COOL Conversations podcast. Each episode we speak with leading educators and EdTech experts. Listen in to keep up with evolving trends in the EdTech industry and benefit from the knowledge and experience of other educators. We’ll keep you informed on a wide range of topics, through COOL Conversations! 

  • EdTech industry news
  • Current trends and challenges in education
  • IT tips and digital tools for schools
  • Best practices from educators and EdTech experts

Are you working in education? We want to hear from you! Let us know what topics in education and IT you like to discuss. With COOL Conversations we aim to create an open platform where education and EdTech professionals can exchange experiences and ideas. That way we can learn from each other and find new answers to shared questions and challenges within the education landscape.

Leave us a comment on any of our social channels or email us at info@cloudwise.cool

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