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#94 PORTUGAL #5 - Júlio Borba

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In  July 2023 i went to Portugal again and had the opportunity to talk to some of this biggest professional riders and breeders. I was welcome at the most amazing places and had a look at their beautiful horses. It is amazing to hear and see how incredible proud the Portugese speak about their horses. I came back with a lot of new information about Portuguese horsepeople and their experiences and motivations. 

In this episode you can listen to the amazing story of Júlio Borba. Júlio Borba - student of his father Júlio Borba, Luís Valença and his uncle Dr. Guilherme Borba – started to work at the EPAE (Escola Portuguesa de Arte Equestre) in 1992. During his twelve years at the School Júlio performed countless shows. In the shows that he took part at, he did; the quadrille, the Pas de Trois, Solo, Airs above the ground by hand (Piaffe, Levade and Capriole) and Airs above the ground ridden (Piaffe, Levade and Capriole). 

Júlio works with horses of any breed, on any level, of any discipline. Top professionals, like international and Olympic dressage riders, till eagerly amateurs. 

Read more about him on this website. 

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YES! Here it is! The one and only podcast with true stories about amazing horse people! I am Floor Schoenmakers of EHS Communications and love the layering of the horse world. I like to move as close to the fire as possible. That brings me behind the doors of the world's leading events and face to face with the most inspiring people and their impressive stories.

Open, honest, sometimes emotional, but always the real. Sit back and enjoy listening!

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