HorseHeroes - S08 / E02

#102 Bruno Caseirão

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In January I visited Portugal again with CAVAGO for the very first Global Horse Dreamtours. In 6 days I experienced some of the best of Portugal’s equestrian activities.

And again I was so lucky to meet some of Portugal’s equestrian professionals for an interview for the HorseHeroes podcast. Listen and enjoy all of their amazing stories.

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He is the coordinator of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, a teaching Judge for the Portuguese Equestrian Federation , a Level 3 Commissioner for the FEI and a member of the working group for the candidature of "Equestrian Art in Portugal" for UNESCO. He collaborated with Equitação magazine and Equitação TV, published several books and much and much more! All of this is todays podcast with the multifunction and talented Bruno Bruno Caseirão.

Over HorseHeroes

YES! Here it is! The one and only podcast with true stories about amazing horse people! I am Floor Schoenmakers of EHS Communications and love the layering of the horse world. I like to move as close to the fire as possible. That brings me behind the doors of the world's leading events and face to face with the most inspiring people and their impressive stories.

Open, honest, sometimes emotional, but always the real. Sit back and enjoy listening!

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