Coach-Labs The Podcast - S02 / E04

S02E04 - Visual Thinking with Yuri

How to apply visual thinking and what is critical to make an Agile transformation work?

Our first English episode. And what a guest to start with: Yuri Malishenko. Yuri is an experienced Agile coach based in Denmark and currently working within an Agile transformation in a large financial organisation. He shares with us with he thinks is critical to make that work and off course he is a master in using visual thinking (in fact he is the inspirator of Maarten) in every environment. 

- Booktip of Maarten : here (Dutch)

- Book from Lyssa Adkins : here

- Website from Yuri (with podcast, talk and visual thinking course): Here

For a discount on the course (it has an expiry date) the code is : COACHLABS

And the link to use it is here.

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