LEAD Podcast - S01 / E13

#13 - The importance of an engineering culture with Jennifer Wadella

Geert and Rene discuss with Jennifer Wodella the keys to building a productive engineering culture, focusing on values, norms, and psychological safety.

In this episode of the LEAD Podcast, recorded live from Techorama, hosts Geert van der Cruijsen and Rene van Osnabrugge talk about building strong engineering cultures with guest Jennifer Wadella, VP of Front-End Engineering at Bitovi. Jennifer talks about the importance of establishing a positive engineering culture and how it directly impacts productivity and business outcomes.

She breaks down the components of engineering culture into values, beliefs, norms, language, and rituals, and discusses practical steps for defining and nurturing these elements within a team. The conversation touches on the challenges of aligning technical skills with cultural fit, the significance of hiring for culture addition rather than just culture fit, and the vital role of project management in supporting autonomy and visibility.

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The world is still running on excel sheets and we’re scared of that. Let’s help every company improve in the way they run their digital business by sharing knowledge of how others did this. Every week a new guest, with expertise on a certain area of engineering cultures, will join hosts Geert &Rene to talk about this and to share their stories, journeys, learnings & pitfalls. 
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