Building the Dream - S01 / E07

Vision to Victory

Featuring Michel from LearnWise (ex-Eesysoft)

Michel did everything to nurture his start-up for > 5 years before it could pay him a first salary. 

Another 7 years later (+- 3 million ARR, + 175 clients and +-3,8 million end users) he did a massive textbook exit.

  • No external startup capital
  • No sales & marketing
  • Pure focus on building the best product
  • And waiting for the momentum…

Listen to my latest podcast with Michel Visser, the co-founder of Eesysoft (now Instructure).

We talked about his career full of commercial roles that led to the foundation of his first compant Eesysoft together with his partner Jan; how they built that and sold it to a strategic buyer (Instructure) in the middle of the Covid crisis when their business skyrocketed.

  • His time in Purmerend & Barcelona
  • How to use your “golden handshake bonus” from your last job to start a business
  • Taking a job next to your startup to give it time to grow
  • Waiting for the momentum to scale
  • How to build a great company culture
  • Being ghosted during an exit process
  • How Covid helped Eesysoft to grow and bring exit opportunities
  • How life changed after exiting
  • His new AI adventures!
  • His biggest failure and best advices (hint; don’t invest in boats)
  • And much more!

Eesysoft is a wonderful example of a company that has grown quietly, has made a few small pivots by carefully looking at the needs in the market and has managed to take action at the right time. 

And all in a very pleasant and controlled way.
For me, Michel has always been the epitome of control itself. 

Much respect for these achievements; and I am very curious to see how Michel's comeback in Edtech will turn out during the current AI revolution.

Thanks so much Michel for your time and a highly interesting conversation! 

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