Building the Dream - S01 / E04

The Art of Persistence

Featuring Mees from MrWork

What a pleasure to learn this time from Mees van Velzen, founder and CEO of MrWork.

MrWork, based in Rotterdam, is the nr1 Recruitment Marketing Automation platform.

We talked about his very inspiring journey of the last twelve years building MrWork and dealing with all the ups and downs:

  • His motivation to start a business
  • What to do when 90% of your traffic evaporated 
  • Pitching only once; and scoring an investment deal!
  • Hiring your first team members
  • How being an entrepreneur makes him feel alive
  • How covid killed their pipeline but then boosted their business a lot
  • How to create an amazing company culture
  • His ideas on scaling an organization
  • The feeling of being in control
  • People that inspire him
  • His future plans
  • And much more!

As a spectator of their journey I have seen in recent years that the road to the top is not always a straight line. The perseverance, resilience and strategic insight of Mees and his partners are truly admirable! Each time they managed to adapt their company to the new market and economic situation and formulate a response to new competition in the market that eventually turned MrWork into a market leader in their segment.

This podcast was recorded in Dutch

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