Building the Dream - S01 / E06

Growing Diamonds

Featuring Frank from Arches Capital

Ever wondered what those VC’s, business angels or Private Equity guys are looking for and how they operate? Then listen to my latest podcast with Frank Appeldoorn, managing partner at Arches Capital.

Arches Capital is a fast growing group of business angels that is bridging the gap between Venture Capitalist (VCs) and Business Angels, by joining the best of both worlds

What an honor to steal some of his time and learn more about the dynamics of such financing companies!

We talked about his career that led to the foundation of Arches Capital, an initially completely bootstrapped company that is building up a pretty successful portfolio of fast growing b2b tech businesses using a deal-by-deal setup. Recently they announced another 20 million fund.

  • His motivation to start this business
  • Why he feels more like a psychologist and coach than a financial expert
  • What exactly they are looking for in potential founding teams
  • How to scout a great new deal
  • How the selection process works
  • How to build a reputation in the market
  • The biggest challenges that startups face
  • His thoughts on the current economy
  • His biggest mistakes
  • Finding a balance between family and growing the business
  • Books that inspired him
  • And much more!

Thanks for providing a little more insight into how investors like Arches work. In this series of podcasts, almost every founder that I talked with - at some point in their growth - found reinforcement on the capital market and almost every day I speak to entrepreneurs who are still looking for funding.

Focusing on a good product and great traction is one thing; but playing the financial game well remains challenging for many; especially in the first years of a startup! Investors like Arches Capital are truely vital for a healthy tech ecosystem.

Thanks so much Frank for your time and a highly interesting conversation! 

Link to Frank’s book recommendations for startups: Check them here!

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Rome was not built in a day, and neither are successful tech scale-ups. Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the personal stories of 12 Dutch Tech Titans who transformed their tech startups into industry giants.

In "Building the Dream," we take you on an exploration of their remarkable journeys, filled with challenges, triumphs, and life-changing experiences. These tech pioneers share their intimate stories and insights into the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. Who are these extraordinary individuals, and what valuable lessons do they have to offer?

Get ready to be inspired by the real-life stories of resilience, vision, and determination in the world of Dutch tech entrepreneurship.

Host of the podcast: Leopold van Oosten, CEO & founder of Amsterdam Standard.

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