, the Friends Of OpenJDK! - S03 / E35

JUG World Tour: Dublin JUG (#35)

Once a month in this podcast, we talk about the history of a Java User Group and the people behind it. Today, we are traveling to Dublin to learn more about its Java community.


Guest: Barry Alistair

Podcast Host: Frank Delporte


00:00 Introduction
00:47 History of the Dublin JUG
04:42 Motivation to organise the JUG
07:31 Playing trumpet as a side effect…
- Hornplayer: Maarten Mulders: 
08:40 Only one bad memory (and it’s not Gerrit)
- Dr. Evil: 
11:41 Reason to invite conference speakers
14:29 Attracting new speakers, the goal for 2024
16:06 Impact of Covid on the Dublin Java community
23:01 Getting back to normal gradually…
24:39 Plans for 2024
26:33 “Don’t speak to the people you already know”
29:43 Call out to people who want to start a JUG
30:35 Cooperation with other Irish JUGs
31:50 Conclusions

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