, the Friends Of OpenJDK! - S03 / E36

J-Fall Report, Part 3 (#36)

In Episodes 33 and 34 of the Foojay Podcast, you got the first two parts of our JFall Report. But on that single-day conference, we had many more interesting interviews, so this is part 3! Later, we will talk about JOOQ, Desktop Applications, and Security. But first… Maven. It’s one of the most used tools in Java development, and we can learn a lot from different experts who joined me for an interview. Let’s start with Ixchel, who gave both a workshop and a talk.

00:00 Introduction

00:42 Ixchel Ruiz: Dev Tools, Maven en Gradle, GitHub Actions

04:40 Maarten Mulders: Maven, Open Source Projects

11:25 Jamie Coleman: Sonatype, Maven repository

19:35 Gerrit Grunwald: Java and Security, JavaFX

22:36 Anthony Goubard: Swing, Desktop apps

26:54 Gijs Leussink: HTMX, Thymeleaf, Micronaut

30:31 Simon Martinelli: JOOQ, Hibernate, Vaadin, How to become a JUG speaker

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