, the Friends Of OpenJDK! - S03 / E33

J-Fall Report, Part 1 (#33)

A few months ago, we asked the J-Fall organization team if a Foojay Broadcast Room would be a good idea. And they said yes, so suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of the entrance of the Pathé cinema in Ede in the Netherlands, with a camera and microphones. During the day, we had a lot of exciting talks. There are way too many to fit in one podcast, so in the following weeks, you will get different episodes handling a lot of topics. This is part 1, and we talk about J-Fall of course. But also about the evolutions in Java and how it’s becoming the best cloud environment while keeping systems sustainable, and reducing the ecological, financial, and security impact of applications.

00:00 Introduction

00:59 Brian Vermeer: About J-Fall

03:50 Pratik Patel: Evolutions of Java

13:33 Grace Jansen: Cloud Java

20:22 Mark van der Walle: FinOps, EcoOps

35:28 Deepu Sasidharan: Passkeys and Security

42:18 Outro


Frank Delporte


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