Research Integrity Matters - S01 / E05

Fostering research integrity through fairness and equity, with Sandra Alba and Lyn Horn

In the 5th episode of Research Integrity Matters, Gowri and Marino talk with Lyn Horn and Sandra Alba about the recent Cape Town Statement on Fostering Research Integrity through Fairness and Equity. The Statement advocates for fair practice from conception to implementation of research and provides 20 recommendations aimed at all involved stakeholders.

Nature published a commentary on this in March 2023 and we are looking forward to discussing the Statement as well as the Nature commentary today with Lyn and Sandra. You can find the Cape Town Statement here and the Nature article about the statement here. The BRIDGE statement (co-authored by Sandra) can be found here.


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Over Research Integrity Matters

Research Integrity Matters. Every researcher probably agrees. But what is research integrity exactly? How do we foster research integrity on the micro and macro level? In this podcast, Gowri Gopalakrishna and Marino van Zelst, discuss research integrity from a multidisciplinary view with guests that study research integrity or work in this area on a daily basis.