Research Integrity Matters - S01 / E04

Fostering research integrity through education, with Mariette van den Hoven and Julia Prieß-Buchheit

In the 4th episode of Research Integrity Matters, Gowri and Marino talk with Mariette van Den Hoven and Julia Priess Buchheit about their new Network for Education and Research Quality: NERQ.

NERQ is a new initiative started by Mariette van den Hoven and Julia Priess Buchheitt to further research quality of training in research ethics and integrity. They held their first on site inaugural meeting in March 2023 of the network supported by the EU Commission. In this episode we plan to find out more about NERQ, its goals, and vision for the future on research quality and training in ethics and integrity.

Relevant links

Position paper on challenges in research integrity education (co-authored by Mariette and Julia): Click here. 

NERQ LinkedIn: Click here.


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Research Integrity Matters. Every researcher probably agrees. But what is research integrity exactly? How do we foster research integrity on the micro and macro level? In this podcast, Gowri Gopalakrishna and Marino van Zelst, discuss research integrity from a multidisciplinary view with guests that study research integrity or work in this area on a daily basis.