Research Integrity Matters - S01 / E03

Changing the way research work is done and published, with Chris Hartgerink

In the third episode of Research Integrity Matters, Gowri and Marino talk with Chris Hartgerink about the publication system, the distribution of power in academia, and research integrity.

Chris discusses a new way of doing and publishing research. They are building a modular publication system and we discuss the influence of current and new publication practices on research integrity with them. Chris also highlights the importance of the distribution of power in research as well as activism.

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Over Research Integrity Matters

Research Integrity Matters. Every researcher probably agrees. But what is research integrity exactly? How do we foster research integrity on the micro and macro level? In this podcast, Gowri Gopalakrishna and Marino van Zelst, discuss research integrity from a multidisciplinary view with guests that study research integrity or work in this area on a daily basis.