Microdosing Table Talk - S01 / E08

Turning the Tables: A Look Inside Microdosing Institute

Interview with Microdosing Institute founders Hein Pijnnaken & Jakobien van der Weijden

We’ve literally turned the tables for this Table Talk! In this first episode of 2023, Microdosing Institute founders Hein and Jakobien are interviewed by Alex van Binsbergen. We dive into their personal stories and how their journeys collide with the mission of Microdosing Institute to normalize the conscious and effective use of psychedelic medicines - microdosing in particular. Hein and Jakobien also discuss the most relevant developments in the microdosing community, observed through the lenses of community, therapeutic support, ancestral knowledge and modern science.


Hein is a microdosing coach and NLP coach, a bridge builder and independent researcher. He has been working with psychedelics for over 30 years exploring consciousness and guiding psychedelic group sessions. Starting Microdosing Institute has been an important step on his quest to learn everything about the healing potential of microdosing.

Jakobien van der Weijden is a certified holistic coach and psychedelic guide. Since 2003, she’s been in service of the psychedelic renaissance. Having worked for a smartshop, a psilocybin retreat center and several psychedelic non-profit organizations before creating Microdosing Institute as a platform for education, community and research in 2017.


πŸ’™ How Microdosing Institute came to life

πŸ’™ Hein’s journey: early psychedelic explorer

πŸ’™ A dear friend cluster headaches

πŸ’™ Jakobien’s journey: heroic doses with no integration

πŸ’™ Ending cycles of people-pleasing and burnout

πŸ’™ Microdosing for ADHD, autism, depression, cluster headaches

πŸ’™ What continues to surprise us (having guided hundreds of microdosers)

πŸ’™ Recommended books on microdosing

πŸ’™ Dr. James Fadiman

πŸ’™ Microdosing as a tool to deepen connection

πŸ’™ Training program for Microdosing Coaches

πŸ’™ Amplifying indigenous voices and ancestral knowledge


Microdosing Institute offers education on how to microdose with psychedelics safely, consciously and effectively. We create community and foster healthy conversations in the microdosing space so that we can continue to learn more and expand the body of knowledge on best practices and harm reduction. Additionally, we encourage and promote research by partnering with universities and other organizations across the globe so that the full potential of microdosing may be realized and made accessible to those who can benefit from the practice.


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