Microdosing Table Talk - S01 / E06

Microhuasca: Microdosing Ayahuasca

How and why to microdose ayahuasca

In this microdosing podcast with Microhuasca founders, Álvaro Zárate and Adolfo Schmitt, we are fortunate to gain their perspective and wisdom on many topics related to microdosing with ayahuasca, and how to successfully integrate full dose or microdosing experiences, so that these can help foster sustained transformation.


Microhuasca is a Peruvian organisation that facilitates microdosing programs with ayahuasca for people who want to microdose and professionals. Dr. James Fadiman recognizes them as one of the leading voices in the microdosing movement - he introduced us, and we have been exchanging knowledge, methods and experience ever since.

Álvaro Zárate is the co-founder of Microhuasca and of Cosmovision, a nonprofit that unites psychedelics professionals to create and execute initiatives in community. Before, he served for 10 years as one of the forerunners of the startup movement in Peru, where he helped build responsible founders and incubators for Latin America.

Adolfo Schmitt is co-founder and director of operations of Microhuasca, forestry engineer, researcher and conservationist of Andean Amazonian biodiversity for more than a decade, including amazonian medicinal fungi. He is now committed entirely to the investigation of medicinal and master plants.


🌱 The most important difference between microdosing ayahuasca and taking it in ceremonial doses

🌱 Reasons why people microdose with ayahuasca

🌱 Different ways to understand healing; from traditional to Western modern perspectives and how they influence each other

🌱 Scientific findings on ayahuasca: neurogenesis and neuroprotection

🌱 How to get the most out of your microdosing journey with ayahuasca

🌱 Why work with peer support and/or professional support

🌱 How to microdose ayahuasca: dosing, protocol, dieta

🌱 The role of additional practices, such as meditation, nature-connection and music/sound

🌱 What it means for Alvaro and Adolfo to be involved in building a more collaborative psychedelic space

LEARN MORE ABOUT MICROHUASCA'S 6-WEEK PROGRAM https://microhuasca.com/program [english] https://microhuasca.com/programa [español]


Microdosing Institute offers education on how to microdose with psychedelics safely, consciously and effectively. We create community and foster healthy conversations in the microdosing space so that we can continue to learn more and expand the body of knowledge on best practices and harm reduction. Additionally, we encourage and promote research by partnering with universities and other organizations across the globe so that the full potential of microdosing may be realized and made accessible to those who can benefit from the practice.


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