Microdosing Table Talk - S01 / E05

Xochitl Ashé: Honoring indigenous psilocybin and microdosing traditions

Xochitl Kusikuy Ashe is a Mazatec medicine woman, mentor and ceremony facilitator

Xochitl Kusikuy Ashe has been a teacher, mentor and ceremony facilitator for the last 25 years. At 16 years old she became the first female of 5 generations of men to be initiated into the healing tradition of her Peruvian ancestral lineage. For the past 24 years she apprenticed under her godfather, a Mazatec Medicine man of the ancient healing tradition with 'Santitos', or, psilocybin mushrooms.

She founded The Teona Center for ancestral plant medicine - an indigenous, women-owned retreat company that offers legal Mazatec Psilocybin Mushroom Retreats in Mexico. Xochitl is on our team as a facilitator and educator for our 6-week microdosing program, and in addition, we are grateful for her guidance in helping both our participants as well as our team learn how to honor the indigenous wisdom that has carried these plant medicines through history, so that we may continue to connect with them today.

Xochitl has kindly gifted the Microdosing Institute community $100 off the next Magical Medicine Journey retreats. To receive $100 off, make sure to select "Microdosing Institute" under "how did you hear about us" when you apply: Learn more or apply here.


6-Week Guided Microdosing Intensive


In this microdosing podcast with 5th generation medicine women, Xochitl Ashé, we are fortunate to gain Xochitl's perspective and wisdom on many topics including:

🌱 How experiencing a culture of healing with plant medicines at a young age shifted Xochitl's life perspective

🌱 What it means for Xochitl to be a medicine woman, and why she prefers that term to "shaman"

🌱 The hidden role of women in plant medicine in traditional lineages

🌱 Xochitl's personal connection to María Sabina

🌱 Plants as a medicine extending beyond psychoactive plants

🌱 Tangible ways to build a relationship with plant medicine during a microdosing practice

🌱 Creating ceremony in microdosing to deepen connection with spirit

🌱 Honoring the past and our ancestors as a path towards "right relationship"

🌱 How can psychedelic leaders help indigenous medicine people feel safe

🌱 How to create and foster magic in your life


Microdosing Institute offers education on how to microdose with psychedelics safely, consciously and effectively. We create community and foster healthy conversations in the microdosing space so that we can continue to learn more and expand the body of knowledge on best practices and harm reduction. Additionally, we encourage and promote research by partnering with universities and other organizations across the globe so that the full potential of microdosing may be realized and made accessible to those who can benefit from the practice.


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