de Kantelcast / the Key Moment Podcast - S2022 / E41

#41 Hope is the most Important Thing 🇬🇧 (English Spoken)

Housing First in Bergen, Norway according to Britt-Kari and Tony

Bergen, the Norwegian Home of Housing First. I was in Norway this week, visiting programs with 9 Nurse Specialists from Lentis in Groningen. We met the Bergen Housing First Team and embraced the opportunity to interview Britt-Kari, the Team Leader and Tony, Peer Specialist from the same Housing First Team. Listen to what Housing First means for them. 

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Over de Kantelcast / the Key Moment Podcast

Kun je een Kantelmoment in jouw leven benoemen? Wat deed jou besluiten om het roer om te gooien? Wat heb je er van geleerd? Wat zouden anderen daarvan kunnen leren?

Can you recall a keymoment in your life? What made you decide to turn your life around and head in another direction? What have you learned from it? What could others learn from it?

For English Listeners! The episodes with an English title and 🇬🇧 are English spoken words. On Spotify you will find the letters GB added to the title of the episode.

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