Second Wind the Podcast - S01 / A91

When Is It Time To Step Forward In Faith? With Carly Ogren, The Pre-Second Wind Generation

Our second wind doesn’t always happen during the second half of life. For some, it can happen earlier, take it from Carly.

Carly Ogren is a young woman, entrepreneur, baker, accountant, and most especially a woman of faith. Her journey represents a lot of women of today, young, inspired, and goal driven. They are the women who respond to their calling earlier in life. They are the pre-second wind generation.

In this episode, Carly shares with us how she learned to steer away from society’s standards into following her dream and passion. But also learning how to evolve, embrace change, and relying on God’s wisdom and guidance in her life. From suffering from bulimia, Carly found peace and freedom in surrendering to God. When God spoke, Carly listened.

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