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A year of Second Wind has come and gone. So far, there have been 85 women and a few men I have conversed with and with whom I have built friendships with. I have learned so much and still continue to learn. 

Personally, it has been a challenging year for me. Finding my own way into podcasting and how it works and how much it costs is one. Dealing with an emergency surgery for my mother for about two months and flying back and forth New Jersey was another. Lastly, having my own case of COVID in August, recovering from that and then in the beginning October, I had a horrible reaction to what I thought was monosodium glutamate, but it wasn't until I found out I had Lyme’s disease. It’s a really long journey. However, because of the Second Wind, and all of the challenges, I am a totally different person handling it.

In this episode, Anne Claessen of the Podcast Babes interviews me. We talked about the year and the lessons and the action items that I didn't even know I had learned that she brought out. And all I can say now is how blessed I feel to be able to have this platform and the fabulous people who entered my life. I have learned to be intentional, mindful and present each and every day.

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For every soul plagued by the idea that you've already lived your life, you've already successfully raised your children, you've already received your education and educated others......and there isn't much left for you to do, this podcast is for you!Your host, Wendy Maguire, chats with guests each week who are embracing their second wind. People who have taken on their second half of life fully charged and ready for a new adventure. Join Wendy each week as she talks with ordinary people doing extraordinary things while embracing the latter part of their life.