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Welcome To Second Wind, The Podcast With Wendy Charles Maguire

Welcome to the Second Wind podcast! Your host, Wendy Charles Maguire, shares her aha moment when she realized she is meant to start this podcast. Constantly trying to figure out her purpose, wondering what to do next, she started listening to podcasts which she loves, but found that she couldn’t connect fully with where she’s at in her life- the second half of life. Where you’re now ready to tap into your soul’s purpose instead of raising your kids. Now, she shares her second wind, this podcast! 

Now after multiple taps on the shoulder and messages from above, she started putting it all together and eventually created a clear path to starting this podcast. A podcast for those in their 40s or 50s, in their second wind life, filled with people’s stories of when they had their aha moment as well. Welcome to this movement to empower women in the second half of their life to make a difference and excel more than ever!

Over Second Wind the Podcast

For every soul plagued by the idea that you've already lived your life, you've already successfully raised your children, you've already received your education and educated others......and there isn't much left for you to do, this podcast is for you!Your host, Wendy Maguire, chats with guests each week who are embracing their second wind. People who have taken on their second half of life fully charged and ready for a new adventure. Join Wendy each week as she talks with ordinary people doing extraordinary things while embracing the latter part of their life.