Second Wind the Podcast - S0 / E0

Wanna Turn Back The Signs of Aging? Do This!

Elaine is a certified TM (Transcendental Meditation) and Advanced Techniques teacher and joins us to share how TM has transformed not just hers but her entire family’s lives. Sick of having ‘blah’ days? Uncover the many benefits that TM brings and how to learn it from the comfort of your home. Looking younger has never been simpler and easier. It’s time to literally dissolve your stress away and turn the clock backward - tune on to find out how. @



  • How Elaine started her journey of becoming a meditation teacher. 
  • Teaching Transcendental Meditation.
  • The relationship between cortisol and meditation. 
  • Healing your body through TM.
  • How TM can help you deal with stress. 
  • Specifics of the Advanced Technique. 
  • Letting the process take care of itself. 



“If you develop your own consciousness, if you dissolve your own stress, you take care of your health and everything else unfolds - your relationships, your, your job, your career get better.” 



Visit Elaine Pomfrey’s website: 

Reach her at this number: 641-919-9552

Transcend, Palm Beach

Palm Beach Towers, T14

44 Cocoanut Row

Palm Beach, FL  33480


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