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Three Words: Hope, Love, and Compassion; A Mother's Answer to Life After Her Son’s Death

After losing her son to a drug overdose, what could have been crippling grief slowly turned into her second wind at life. Meet activist mother Doreen Barr who founded In Ryan’s Name Inc. - a non-profit organization to keep her son’s name alive, educate our youths, and save lives. Tune in as Doreen shares the story of any mother’s worst nightmare, and learn about her fight towards removing the stigma of drug addiction and educating our children on drug addiction. Uncover the things that keep her going every day and give her the courage to speak on an issue that nobody is willing to talk about. 



  • How Doreen’s pain became her second wind.  
  • Dealing with the stigma of addiction. 
  • The importance of educating our youth on drug addiction. 
  • Managing the grief of losing a child.
  • Finding solace through a medium. 
  • The story and work of In Ryan’s Name Inc. 
  • Ways to protect your child from drugs. 



“Addiction is like an illness, it gets a hold of you. And it's so hard to break out of. Who would choose to be a drug addict? You know, it's like cancer or diabetes. It's an illness and it's hard to break free of it.”



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