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There Is No Such Thing As Luck with Michelle J. Lamont

We are absolutely honored to have miracle manifestor and podcast host Michelle J. Lamont to bring us on her journey of manifestation! Michelle is no stranger to adversity - from losing both parents, to overcoming suicide, to surviving an abusive relationship, she had every chance to throw the towel in and give up, but God had much bigger plans for her. After conquering all of her hardships and coming out renewed and stronger than ever, Michelle has since been transforming countless lives through her messaging of love and abundance. Tune in to listen to her story and learn how you, too, can tune in to a higher frequency and carve a life of limitless possibilities! 


Michelle holds a degree in business from Arizona State University and an MCT (Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy) accreditation She is also a Certified “Happiness Expert” from Yale, Author, Podcast Host, Life Coach & National Speaker.

Michelle is the Host of Manifesting Miracles Podcast (link to the podcast below!) 



  • Michelle’s ‘aha’ moment.  
  • The story behind the Manifesting Miracles Podcast. 
  • Overcoming adversity: Suicide, abusive relationships, and the loss of both parents. 
  • How manifestation and meditation go hand in hand.
  • The importance of being in the moment. 
  • What to look forward to when working with Michelle. 
  • What it means to be tuned in to a higher vibration. 


“When you live in that energy of lack and of unworthiness, like somehow I got lucky I got this, then you're insulting God and the universe and all the divine light that's here. Because there is no such thing as luck.”

“I know that every time I hit record, I am pulling in from the universe, everybody that needs a change in their life, everybody that is feeling as isolated or alone or afraid or lost as I was.”

“You can't appreciate the good unless you have experienced the bad.”



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