Second Wind the Podcast - S0 / A0

The Strategy That Makes Almost Everything Achievable with LaWanda Kent

Listen in on this episode where we’re joined by LaWanda Kent as she shares her wisdom and story about leaving her corporate job and becoming a professional voice artist during her second wind in life! Listeners will learn what mindset changes had to be made in order for her to leave her corporate job in the pursuit of something completely new.

When following your new endeavors, it’s normal to want to revert back to your comfort zone or get unfocused. LaWanda shares her advice on how to stay focused on your new endeavors in life. One major takeaway from this episode is to take one step at a time and remember that it’s not too late and you’re not too old to start something new! Open your heart and mind, you don’t want regrets of not doing what you’re meant to!

Over Second Wind the Podcast

For every soul plagued by the idea that you've already lived your life, you've already successfully raised your children, you've already received your education and educated others......and there isn't much left for you to do, this podcast is for you!Your host, Wendy Maguire, chats with guests each week who are embracing their second wind. People who have taken on their second half of life fully charged and ready for a new adventure. Join Wendy each week as she talks with ordinary people doing extraordinary things while embracing the latter part of their life.