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The Power of Knowing Your Why When Shifting Into The Unknown with Cindi Stearley

As you grow into your second wind of life, you may start to discover new passions or finally have time to explore what you always had an interest for. This episode’s guest, Cindi Stearley, shares her second wind story! Cindi used to be a stay at home mom and absolutely loved that, but now that her kids are grown, her passion has changed, and she’s now on a mission to empower women and build her tribe!

When she knew it was time for something new in life, she turned her passion for accessories into a business that gives women confidence. With her jewelry business, she loves being able to be a positive part of women’s days by making them smile and feel confident and empowered! Cindi shares the mindset blocks she had to let go of during this process, and what advice she has for others who are starting their own business.

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For every soul plagued by the idea that you've already lived your life, you've already successfully raised your children, you've already received your education and educated others......and there isn't much left for you to do, this podcast is for you!Your host, Wendy Maguire, chats with guests each week who are embracing their second wind. People who have taken on their second half of life fully charged and ready for a new adventure. Join Wendy each week as she talks with ordinary people doing extraordinary things while embracing the latter part of their life.