Second Wind the Podcast - S01 / A89

The Flight That Changed Jessica’s Life

Forgiveness is not easy, especially when there’s so much hurt, anger, and bitterness involved. But for Jessica, peace came over her in the most unexpected time, during a flight from Colorado to Tampa. She knew she had to call her ex-husband…

Jessica Conlan is a mother, a daughter, a sister, an entrepreneur, triathlete, musician, entertainer, and a motivational speaker from behind her espresso bar - Jet City Espresso. In the middle of a difficult divorce, Jessica struggled to get by emotionally. She would drink a lot and just kept herself busy with work. Until she felt an immense peace while on a flight. That led to her rebirth when she decided to forgive her ex-husband and herself.

In this episode, Jessica shares with us how traveling became normal for their family. How she started to have an entrepreneurial mindset at an early age and how art became her refuge. Most importantly, she shares with us how she found her second wind through forgiveness.

This is the first part of Jessica’s interview. Join me as we listen to the first half of her story. A story with many twists and turns that brought her to where she is today.

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