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Taking Off Your Mask? Now It's Time to Understand the Energy Surrounding Us to Emerge BETTER than We Were! with Murphy Murphy MacCanless

Intuitive Astrologer and Tarot Reader Murphy MacCanless makes a return to take an even deeper dive into Astrology and how it relates to the events in your, both big and small. 

In this episode, you will learn how to best navigate different transits such as Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter in Pisces. As we begin to enter the post-pandemic era, Murphy will reveal some tools and advice for moving forward into this new phase of your life. You will also learn how to shift your perspective on chaos and get in alignment with your energies. So join in on the conversation and find your path to emerging stronger and better than ever! 



  • The connection between transits and Astrology.
  • How to navigate Mercury Retrogrades. 
  • How to best transit into the post-COVID world. 
  • Making adjustments and changes in your business. 
  • How to tap into Jupiter in Pisces energy. 
  • Cultural conditioning on spirituality and mysticism. 
  • The importance of connecting with your inner child. 
  • What’s blocking your energetic flow? 



“You don't need to see to believe, you need to believe to see.”

 “Always make time to return to yourself and to love and appreciate that self. Because as long as you can do that, everything else is going to work itself out.”



Murphy MacCanless - Intuitive Astrologer and Tarot Reader.

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