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Looking Healthy Almost Cost Dawn Kelley Her Life

Dawn Kelley is always the picture of a healthy and fit woman. She loves running and always keeps a healthy lifestyle. However, in the morning of October 2019, she felt that something was wrong, her legs didn’t have the power to run…

In this episode, Wendy and Dawn talk about how a perfectly healthy looking woman suffered a silent cardiac disease. They talk about how Dawn’s passion for running and keeping healthy also helped in battling this illness.

In this interview, Dawn aims to bring awareness to make health a priority. To listen to our body and not delay if something doesn’t feel right. Take control of your body, take control of your life.

“Be the winner that you know that you are, win at the things that matter in life, great health, great relationships, win at the game of life, and get the best that you can and live the best life possible.” - Dawn Kelley

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