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I Always Wanted A Sister; How I Found My Sibling After 40 Years Of Searching

I've always known that I was adopted. My parents did a great job in making sure that I felt special, picked, chosen and all of that. I had a great life, but it was time to search for my birth parents. I didn’t just find my birth mother, I also found two siblings. One of which has an amazing story to tell. 

On June 25, 2021, an interview close to my heart was aired on the podcast. I brought to the podcast my biological brother, Cory Custer, who was just coming out as a transgender woman the first time we met. 

Cory Lovejoy, as we know her now, shares to us her journey of how she embraced her own alignment, and how she keeps doing it everyday.

In this episode, Cory and I talk about discovering your true self, loving yourself, and accepting yourself. And how it takes real courage to do so, but it’s worth it when people resonate with the joy that it gets you. 

Join me again in this heartfelt interview with my own sibling. And watch out for next week’s episode, as we check on how Cory has been doing since our interview in June. Enjoy! 

"Infinite souls have a temporary human experience. It's just one heart, one soul seeing another heart and soul."

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