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How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams by Knowing Your Human Design with Nikki Brafman

In this episode, we invite Nikki Brafman, to introduce us to the world of Manifestation and Human Design! Driven by a passion to help others live the life of their dreams, Nikki uses the principles of Human Design to help individuals understand themselves better and shows how harnessing that information can unleash their true purpose and power in life. She also shares the key moment she found her true calling through Human Design and how she has impacted the lives of others so far. Tune in now to learn all about Human Design and the Five Energy Types, and how you can apply them into your life as well! 



  • What is Human Design and how does it work? 
  • How can you apply the Human Design Chart in your life? 
  • The Five Energy Types and how to align yourself with your Energy Type. 
  • Matchups of Energy Types in relationships. 
  • Nikki’s discovery and journey with Human Design. 



“We create chaos because we are out of integrity with our mission and our values.” 

“Nobody can write a prescription for you to live your best life, only you can. And the more you're tapped into learning what that means and how you do that, the better off and the faster you're going to get there.”



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