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How to let yourself be Drawn Forward with Krista Overly

In this episode, we invite Krista Overly to show us into the world of spirituality. Having amassed a wealth of knowledge from studying Spiritual Psychology to helping countless women find their purpose, Krista shares how she creates a unique roadmap for each and every one of her clients. Learn about the many different tools she uses to help her clients gain clarity, confidence, and self-acceptance. Get in touch with your spiritual self by tuning in to this episode now! 



  • Krista’s ‘aha’ moment. 
  • Her journey in spirituality. 
  • How the mind-body connection works.
  • Krista’s unique and tailored coaching process. 
  • Why we struggle with fear, self-doubt, and self-acceptance. 
  • Her favorite parts of working with women. 
  • Solving problems and finding clarity by putting your mind to paper. 
  • How the program YouMap works. 



“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

“As we raise our vibrational level, it just makes the world a better place.” 



Your Body is Your Brain by Amanda Blake:

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