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How Jessica Found Healing Through Self-Love & Forgiveness

Last week, I brought you the story of Jessica Conlan. An independent and amazing woman who’s life was changed while on a flight coming home to Tampa. This is the continuation of her story.

All throughout her married life, Jessica supported her husband. Everytime he gets reassigned, she would always build a life and a successful business wherever they are. And everytime they move, she would end up having to give up what she started. Until one day, she had enough.

In this episode, Jessica shares her story behind the divorce. How she would always get to build a home, a successful business with every move they made, until they end up moving again. This is a story of finally choosing self-love, forgiveness, and finding passion wherever you may go. Her story is a story of healing and finding yourself in the process.

Never say what if, should have, could have, because there's so many opportunities that you will miss. And if you have the opportunity, and you have it several times, take it. - Jessica

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