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How A Passion Turned Obsession Turned Organization... All To Help The Souls With No Voice- Dogs

With an unwavering commitment to saving dogs, Robin quickly turned her passion into a non-profit organization: Unchain America - a community and non-profit organization committed to rescuing dogs all across the country. Find out what sparked her passion for saving animals in the first place, how she stays positive through the difficult parts of her rescue journey, and the ways in which you can help give these dogs a better life! This truly is just the beginning for Robin and her rescue journey; tune in to find out what is next for her and the dogs of America. 



  • What sparked Robin’s love for saving animals. 
  • Robin’s dog rescue journey. 
  • Turning her passion into a community - the birth of Unchained America. 
  • What’s next for Unchained America.
  • Rescues and breeders. 


“Treat people nice and thank them accordingly. Every donation, I don't care if it's $5, $500, $1000. It's the same, big Thank You. Because that's what they can afford. Right? They want to participate.”



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