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Getting Divorced Now? Gray Divorce Is A Thing. How You Can Do This Well with Lisa Decker

Divorce can happen to anyone. And that includes couples in their second half of life, also known as Gray Divorce.

Having been a grandchild of divorce, Lisa knew how a divorce can fracture a family. But as bad as it may sound, sometimes divorce can’t be avoided and the only thing you can do is to do it well. Lisa Decker is a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) with 14 years of experience helping couples go through divorce.

In this episode, Lisa shares with us how to properly and fairly deal with the financial issues between couples going through a divorce. She will also share what Gray Divorce is about and why it’s becoming a thing. Going through divorce is difficult, but it can still be done in a peaceful, fair, and amicable way if two people decide to work together.

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