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Discover The Power of Ancient, Intuitive Healing Systems with Laura Chalfant

There is so much more than meets the eye in this universe, and Laura Chalfant has been opening herself up and exploring the multi-dimensional world since the young age of 17. Tune in as she takes us on her journey in intuitive energy healing and shares how she discovered her ability to heal others and connect with the realm beyond our 5 senses. Driven by a strong passion to serve others, Laura has been committed to healing countless individuals from within through a series of healing systems that she has immersed herself in over the years. So join in on the conversation to learn more about her work and begin your own intuitive journey. 



  • How the pandemic pivoted her healing journey. 
  • Different types of healing systems.
  • Laura’s educational journey in healing.
  • What does a healing session look like?
  • About the BodyTalk system and how it works.
  • How pain is connected to energy misalignment.
  • The importance of building and grounding your energy. 


“Once you can really drop inside your body and feel the energy in your body and to feel where the stagnation is, you can heal yourself.”



Laura Chalfant.

Intuitive Energy Medicine Specialist

Founder and CEO of The Energy Freedom Circle

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