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All You Need Is A Message and A Passion with Kara Gott Warner

In this episode, we invite certified life coach Kara Gott Warner to bring us on her colorful journey as a knitter, coach, podcaster, and so much more! Tune in as Wendy and Kara chat about the ups and downs of podcasting, struggling with Imposter Syndrome, and building confidence within yourself. From knitting needles to speaking in microphones, Kara has truly found a message and passion to live by. 

Kara Gott Warner is a certified life coach with a business “edginess.” She is the host of the Craft Your Confidence Podcast and the creator of the Confident Podcaster Roadmap program, guiding life coaches and creative entrepreneurs in her 10-week signature podcast launch process. Kara empowers her clients with the confidence that all they need to begin is a mic and a message to coach, teach and love upon the humans that need them. 



  • About the Craft Your Confidence podcast.  
  • Kara’s fashion, knitting, coaching, and podcasting journeys.
  • Learning to embrace failure.
  • The story behind the Confident Podcaster Roadmap program.
  • What does working with Kara look like?
  • How to build your confidence. 



“All you need is a message and a passion. You don't need permission.”

“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”



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