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Addiction is the opposite of connection with Jenn Kautsch; Sober Sis

Jenn Kautsch was never really a drinker. In fact, she always followed the rules, until having a drink with her friend during happy hour became a defining moment. 

From one glass of wine, she became a ‘grey area drinker’. Jenn would have a glass of wine at wine o'clock and it became part of her routine. It may have seemed harmless in the beginning, but as it became a habit, it caused anxiety and an internal turmoil was brewing inside her.

In this episode, Jenn talks about her journey to an alcohol free lifestyle. How she broke off the wine o'clock habit and took control of her life. And as she became sober minded, she made it her mission to help other women renegotiate their relationship with alcohol w/o labels, shame, judgment or rules.

1 Peter 5:8 Being a sober mind means being awake, alert, aware in your own life for the devil, the enemy prowls around looking for whom he can devour.

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