Effortless Mission - S01 / A08

You Will Always Know what to Do When You Release Control

a coach like conversation on self care, surrender and purpose

In a quest for effortlessness in our lives, what is the essential ingredient that connects us to our inner wisdom?  

What would it be like to not plan and let everything go and just deal with what comes your way?

In this coach like conversation (not a coaching session this time) Hannah Boehmer and I discover how we become the best versions of ourselves and why self care is not a matter of hard work relaxing but really revolves around one important question: What do you really want? 

But first, because we got off to a messy start, we create a a space through a meditation to get really present and into inspiration. 

Over Effortless Mission

Are you intelligent and intuitive at the same time? Independent and free-spirited? Do you feel there is something missing and do you want more out of life? This is a podcast for driven entrepreneurial women who don’t know how extraordinary they really are and want to make a real difference in the world. I believe life does have meaning and we do make a difference. 

For most of our struggles we seek solutions outside of ourselves and I believe the best answers actually come from within. When we know ourselves and find the True North of our purpose we become unstoppable. My intention is that this podcast inspires, sparks insight, and holds the space for you to connect with your inner wisdom, that innate intelligence every being is born with. 

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