Effortless Mission - S01 / A07

Why self-awareness comes first

Simply surviving is never good idea

In this episode we talk about an essential part of growth and personal development: self-awareness. What is it really and and what can we gain from become more self-aware? This talk dives into elements of our lives that determine how we experience life, grow and and how we make choices. We explore why self-awareness is a requirement for growth and what it takes to cultivate more self-awareness. 

Any personal hero’s journey benefits from self-knowledge and a willingness, or sometimes even unwillingness to face one’s own demons. 

What can high-performers learn from their success? How well do you know your boundaries? How feedback helps you grow or hold you back? How to stay grounded when you’re flying high? Even you have a superpower - everyone does. Connect with that and you are on your way to a personal definition of succes. 

Over Effortless Mission

Are you intelligent and intuitive at the same time? Independent and free-spirited? Do you feel there is something missing and do you want more out of life? This is a podcast for driven entrepreneurial women who don’t know how extraordinary they really are and want to make a real difference in the world. I believe life does have meaning and we do make a difference. 

For most of our struggles we seek solutions outside of ourselves and I believe the best answers actually come from within. When we know ourselves and find the True North of our purpose we become unstoppable. My intention is that this podcast inspires, sparks insight, and holds the space for you to connect with your inner wisdom, that innate intelligence every being is born with. 

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