Effortless Mission - S01 / A09

How to deal with a busy mind

When every shiny object captures attention

In this episode I coach Tania Solis Camara on a topic many of us experience: a busy mind that never seems to stop chattering and an inability to stay present for long. 

Tania works in a corporate environment as an Agile coach and she loves her job. Her biggest challenges is to stuff all her ideas and activities into 24 hours. The day is simply not long enough to chase after each shiny object that comes along. Like so many of us, Tania comes today with a busy mind that she longs to quieten en slow down. Her purpose in life is to bring equanimity to people even if she doesn’t always feel that equanimity herself.

We teach others what we want to learn ourselves. 

Together we do an exercise that offers a different perspective on dealing with thoughts and can be practised anywhere and in any situation. Pay special attention to the valuable insight Tania has after the exercise.

Over Effortless Mission

Are you intelligent and intuitive at the same time? Independent and free-spirited? Do you feel there is something missing and do you want more out of life? This is a podcast for driven entrepreneurial women who don’t know how extraordinary they really are and want to make a real difference in the world. I believe life does have meaning and we do make a difference. 

For most of our struggles we seek solutions outside of ourselves and I believe the best answers actually come from within. When we know ourselves and find the True North of our purpose we become unstoppable. My intention is that this podcast inspires, sparks insight, and holds the space for you to connect with your inner wisdom, that innate intelligence every being is born with. 

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