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Effortless Mission

Welcome to the Effortless Mission podcast

The hidden agenda behind what we do is to find happiness, in many different ways and we’re not always successful at it and it definitely isn’t easy. What if it could be? What if a sense of happiness each day came within your reach. Would you take it? 

Whether you know it or not, we each have a mission that we work to bring into the world everyday. But it isn't always easy. We run into obstacles that divert us from our goals. And often those obstacles lie within ourselves even as we seek solutions outside of ourselves. What we need is reconnecting with what we really want, reconnecting with ourselves. A sense of ease comes from within. join me for a quest for more ease in our lives. So that who we are is fully expressed int heh world and what we do is meaningful. 

Over Effortless Mission

Are you intelligent and intuitive at the same time? Independent and free-spirited? Do you feel there is something missing and do you want more out of life? This is a podcast for driven entrepreneurial women who don’t know how extraordinary they really are and want to make a real difference in the world. I believe life does have meaning and we do make a difference. 

For most of our struggles we seek solutions outside of ourselves and I believe the best answers actually come from within. When we know ourselves and find the True North of our purpose we become unstoppable. My intention is that this podcast inspires, sparks insight, and holds the space for you to connect with your inner wisdom, that innate intelligence every being is born with. 

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